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in spite of; not, inspite of (prepositional phrase)
Regardless of, even though; without being affected by: "The tourist had difficulty communicating when she went to Germany in spite of all the years she studied German."

"In spite of the high prices, there is still enough demand for oil to keep the costs of gas higher than some people can afford."

"Note that unlike 'despite' being spelled as one word, 'in spite' [of] should always be spelled as two separate words and not as 'inspite [of]'. Remember: inspite of, NO; in spite of, YES!"

knot, knot; naught, nought; not
knot (NAHT) (noun)
1. A bond between individuals usually as part of a ceremony: Frank and Tamika tied the marriage knot during a beautiful ceremony on the beach.
2. An interwoven or interlaced knob created by a flexible cord or fabric: A sailor on the ship needed to know the right knot to use when rigging the sails.
3. The measurement of a ship’s speed: The captain of the ship calculated his vessel was moving at one knot per hour.
knot (NAHT) (verb)
To tie up or to secure by using a flexible cord: David is going to knot his shoelaces twice so they will not come undone.
naught, nought (NAHT) (noun)
1. Nonexistence; nothingness: All of Debora's efforts came to naught.
2. The figure "0"; a cipher; a zero: Helena is going to receive naught for all of the hours that she worked at the food pantry for homeless people.
not (NAHT) (adverb)
Used to indicate the negative of a verb or adjective describing a group of words or phrases: The cook announced there would not be bacon and eggs for breakfast after all.

Douglas and Kim decided not to tie the knot while they were on vacation because they had naught to spend on the ceremony.

Later, Douglas and Kim took the ferry which traveled across the lake at just one knot per hour and she asked the captain if he would tie the knot for them. He did, and he also gave them an ornamental knot of rope as a souvenir.

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(Greek: prefix; no, absence of, without, lack of; not)
(Greek > Latin: passive, unworkable, slow; a-, "without, not" + ergon, "work")
(Latin: no, not [ig-, il-, im-, ir-])
(Latin: no, not; to refuse, to nullify; to deny)
(Latin: nothing, not)
(Until recently, the usual explanation for the first pandemics was not biological but a result of immorality)
(A few clips from Old Age Is Not for Sissies by Art Linkletter)
triage (adjective) (not comparable)
(Descriptive of the task of allocating and sorting: The triage nurse had many patients to categorise and group regarding their medical needs.)
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Not This Man (Author Unknown)
"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"

Endlessly from Meyer's Store;

"It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"

From the networks o'er and o'er.

Star and magi, shepherds' awe,

Worshippers in cattle stall,

"Silent Night" and Christmas chimes

Shoppers meet where'er they call.

Tribune quotes in reverent type,

KXR in accents grave

Matthew's story, Luke's account

Of His birth Who came to save.

Watching demonstration toys,

Climbing onto Santa's knee,

Johnny prattles snatches from

Carols learned unconsciously.

Here is room abundant found

For Him Who in manger lay;

Every phase of business life

Lends its help to homage pay.

Here no Herod seeks the Child

Feigning worship, to destroy;

Welcome speaks each chime and song,

Tree and tinsel, card, and toy.

Here's no Savior-hating crowd

Crying, "Crucify! Away!"

Commerce has spent weeks on weeks

Laboring for His natal day.

"Who reigns o'er this festive time?"

'Mid it, for that question pause.

The answer, as from Pilate's hall:

"Not this Man, but Santa Claus!"

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