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(Latin: arsenicum, yellow; gold, golden; nonmetal)
(Arabic: boraq, and Persian, burah [borax]; BORax + carbON; nonmetal)
(Latin: carbo, coal, charcoal; nonmetal)
(Greek: iodes, "violet"; from the color of its vapor; nonmetal)
(Greek: phosphoros, "light bringer", "morning star"; glows brightly because of rapid oxidation; nonmetal)
(Modern Latin: from Greek, selene, the moon; nonmetal)
(Modern Latin: from Latin, silex, silicis, "flint"; nonmetal)
(Modern Latin: from Sanskrit, solvere; or sulvere; and Latin, sulphur; nonmetal)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; from Greek, astatos, unstable; radioactive nonmetal)
(Greek: bromos, a stench; because of the odor [stench] from its vapors; liquid nonmetal)