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1. A musical composition, especially for the piano, that suggests a tranquil dreamy mood.

It evolved during the early 19th century, and Chopin was the most famous composer of nocturnes.

2. A painting of a night scene.
3. Etymology: a "composition of a dreamy character"; from French nocturne, literally, "composition appropriate to the night"; a noun use of Old French nocturne, "nocturnal"; from Latin nocturnus.

It is said to have been coined in about 1814 by John Field, who wrote many of them, in a style that Chopin mastered in his own works, which popularized the term.

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nocturne (s) (noun), nocturnes (pl)
1. A piece of music for the piano that is lyrical, gentle, evocative of evening or night time: Ms. Lisa performed a nocturne on her keyboard instrument as an entertainment for her friends.
2. Etymology: from Latin nocturnus, "belonging to the night."
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