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know, no, Noh
know (NOH) (verb)
To have direct information about the problem at hand: Polly commented that she didn't know exactly what her friend was talking about regarding their children.
no (NOH) (adverb)
Used to express disbelief, disagreement, or refusal: Two-year-old children often use the expression, NO! when talking with adults.

"No, Jim, I'm not wrong, you are!"

Noh (NOH) plural, (noun)
A form of classical Japanese musical drama performed since the 14th century in which many of the characters are masked and men actors often play both the male and female roles: While Carolina was traveling in Japan, she went to the theater to watch a production of Noh, which included music and dances presented in a highly stylized manner by elaborately dressed theatrical artists on an almost bare stage.

Fay said, "I know no better way to study Noh theater than to go to Japan."

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(Greek: prefix; no, absence of, without, lack of; not)
(Greek > Latin: Greek [abussoz], a-, "no" plus bussos, "bottom" through Latin [abyssus], "no bottom, bottomless")
(Greek: true; nothing concealed; real [from a-, "no, nothing" and letho-, "forgetfullness, oblivion"])
(Latin: no, not [ig-, il-, im-, ir-])
(Latin: no, not; to refuse, to nullify; to deny)
(composed of varied things or made up of many different things or kinds of things that have no necessary connection with each other; from Latin miscellaneus, from miscellus, "mixed"; and derived from miscere, "to mix")
(bird goo left on a place; or a person no one likes)
(time waits for no one; use it or lose it)
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A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A lithoid form, whose onward course
Is shaped by gravitational force,
Can scarce enjoy the consolation
Of bryophytic aggregation.
apothecary weights that are no longer used
Out dated or obsolete units of mass, formerly used in pharmacies:
  • Twenty grains equal one scruple.
  • Three scruples equal one dram.
  • Eight drams equal an apothecary's ounce; oz apoth.
  • Twelve such ounces equal an apothecary's pound; lb apoth.
  • There are 7,000 grains in one pound avoirdupois or 0.454 kilograms.

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No rest for the wicked (adapted from Isaiah 57:20)
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no-goodnik, nogoodnik (s) (noun); no-goodniks, nogoodniks (pl
1. A worthless, disreputable, or malicious person.
2. A no-good person.
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