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knit, nit
knit (NIT) (verb)
1. To use yarn and needles to create a series of joined loops which will be part of something; for example, a pair of socks: Maribel could knit quickly and accurately even when she was watching TV.
2. To mend or to cause something to grow together: The doctor assured Jack that his bones would knit together quickly after the medical treatment of his broken leg.
nit (NIT) (noun)
The egg laid by lice or other parasitic insects: Because the little child appeared to have lice in her hair, her mother used a special shampoo and comb to remove each individual nit.

The children forgot and exchanged their home-knit hats on the playground. Unfortunately, that is a great way to exchange a nit or two and develop head lice, which are hard to get rid of.