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fill, fill, nil
fill (FIL) (noun)
All that anyone wants or needs: When Steve had eaten and drunk his fill, he had all that he wanted.
fill (FIL) (verb)
1. To satiate, as with food and beverages: They had a tendency to fill up on sandwiches and soft drinks before going to football games.
2. To provide the things that are asked for in something; such as, an order: Victor went to the drugstore to fill his prescriptions.
nil (NIL) (noun)
Nothing; none at all, zero: The chances of them getting an increase in their salaries are nil.

When you fill in the questionnaire, be sure to mark as nil the question about the number of cats in your household. That should fill the appetite of the statisticians for trivia.

nihil (s); nil.; nil (noun)
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