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nidificate (ni DIF i kayt", NID uh fi kayt") (verb), nidificates; nidificated; nidificating
1. To create a nest for breeding and habitation: The birds were nidificating a residence in a tree just outside Tom's bedroom window.

Some spiders nidificate underground in order to protect their lodgings.

Some birds make a more or less extensive use of saliva as a cement in order to nidificate mud dwellings; such as, swallows, South American oven birds, and flamingos.

The use of salivary glands to nidificate their nesting places is done generally by swifts which glue small twigs to the inside of a chimney to form a tiny basket; or, as in the case of the Asiatic edible swifts, they just use saliva without twigs or anything else. Such places are harvested early in the nest-building season and used by some Chinese when they make "bird's nest soup".

2. Etymology: from Latin nidificare, "to make into a nest".
To build a nest by birds.
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The phrase "for the birds" also means something that is "worthless", "useless", or "undesirable".

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nidificate (ni DIF i kayt", NID uh fi kayt")
Now cate is presenting a variety of surprising references to bird's nests.
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To make a nest for laying eggs, hatching young birds, and as a place for living until the chicks grow up and can fly away. (1)