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nervi (plural)
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(Latin: nerve fiber or sinew, nerves)
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Brevis esse laboro, obscurus fio; sectantem levia. Nervi deficiunt animique. (Latin proverb)
Translation: "When I try to be brief, I become obscure. Aiming at smoothness, I fail in force and fire."

From Ars Poetica, by Quintus Horatius Flaccus (Horace) who was instructing writers that it may be difficult to achieve brevity without sacrificing clarity.

Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short."

—Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) U.S. naturalist and author
nervus vagus (s) (noun); nervi vagi (pl)
1. Either of the longest pair of cranial nerves mainly responsible for parasympathetic control (activities that occur when the body is at rest) over the heart and many other internal organs, including thoracic and abdominal viscera or abdominal cavity below the diaphragm but not including the pelvic tissues: The nervi vagi communicate through thirteen main branches, connecting to four areas in the brain.
2. Etymology: from Latin, vagus, "wandering" + nervus, "nerve".
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