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neologism (s) (noun), neologisms (pl)
1. A recently coined word or phrase, or a recently extended meaning of an existing word or phrase: When Jane was reading about neologisms, she came across some new terms, such as "adultolescence", "pastability", and "pre-zactly"!
2. The practice of coining new words or phrases, or of extending the meaning of existing words or phrases: Tom was very interested in neologism and was fascinated by the way previously used terms were formed into brand-new ways of expression!
3. In medicine and psychiatry, an existing word can be used in a new sense or a new word or phrase of the patient's own making can be created, often seen in schizophrenia: In psychiatry, such usages of neologisms may have meaning only to the sufferer or be indicative of his or her condition.

4. The use of an unconventional vocabulary innovation; when the use of such a coinage or innovation is either rationally, to represent a new idea, method, or object; or as with a disordered neurological condition or as with a mental disorder when the patient wishes to express a highly complex meaning related to his or her conflicts: In her state of delirium, Sandra was known to create neologisms and invent new terms nobody had ever heard of before!
5. Etymology: "practice of innovation in language", 1800, from French néologisme, from Greek neo-, "new" + Greek logos, "word".
The expressions or usage of new words.
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