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(Latin: pertaining to the Teutonic people of central Europe [possibly from a Celtic word meaning "neighbor"], similar to Old Irish gair, "neighbor"; pertaining to Germany)
(Latin: neighborhood, neighbor, near by, close; surrounding district)
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neighbor (s) (noun), neighbors (pl)
1. Someone who lives near or next door to, or close to, another person or people: Frank's new neighbors are moving into the house right next door to his.
2. A person, place, or thing located next to another or very close: Mildred's aunt and uncle are also her neighbors because they live just down the street from her.
3. Someone or something which is adjacent to or close to another one: The two countries are neighbors to each other separated only by a river.
5. Etymology: The source of our word neighbor is the assumed West Germanic form nhgabr, and was a compound of the words nhwiz, “near” and bram, “dweller, especially a farmer”.

A neighbor, then, was a near dweller. Nahgebr, the Old English descendant of this West Germanic word, and its descendant in Middle English, neighebor, and our Modern English "neighbor" have all retained the literal notion of a situation that probably would have been highly unlikely in earlier times.

A new word, involving "neighborhood" is "gayborhood" or a district either explicitly or implicitly understood to be the place to go if a person is "gay"; that is, "happy" or "joyful".

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