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kneaded, needed
kneaded (NEED'd) (verb)
To have worked or shaped a substance using one's hands or a specifically designed machine to create a desired texture: Shawna kneaded the bread dough for about 10 minutes to make it smooth and elastic so she could bake a good loaf.
needed (NEED'd) (verb)
To have required something that is necessary for the survival of organisms: The silk worms needed the leaves of the mulberry tree in order to thrive.

Kay felt that she needed a glass of water after doing strenuous exercises in the fitness studio.

Getting a massage makes Josie feel kneaded and she can't think of anything else that is needed more for muscular relaxation.

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(Latin: needed, inevitable, unavoidable, indispensable)
(taking it even when it is not needed)
(avoid redundancies or excessive repetitiousness by not using unnecessary repetitions and superfluous words or more word usages than is needed, desired, or required)
(GPS needed more accuracy; so, now we have WAAS)