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1. The sweet, saccharine secretion, or liquid that flowering plants produce as a way of attracting insects and small birds that assist in pollination.
2. A thick drink made from puréed fruit; such as, mango nectar.
3. The juice of a fruit; especially, when not diluted; or a blend of fruit juices; such as, pear nectar; tropical nectar, etc.
4. In Greek and Roman mythology, the drink of the gods that sustained their beauty and immortality.
5. An enjoyable, delicious, or much appreciated drink.
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nectarine (s), nectarines (pl): sweet, nectar, fruit
1. Of the nature of, sweet as, nectar; similar to or like nectar.
2. The smooth-skinned variety or mutation of a peach.
3. A variety of aromatic peach of ancient origin, having a smooth skin.
4. A variety or mutation of the peach bearing smooth-skinned fruit usually with yellow flesh.

Probably inspired by German nektarpfirsich, "nectar-peach".

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(Greek > Latin: drink of the gods; from Greek mythology)
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Insect Gets Nectar from Flowers
Hoverfly gets nectar from flowers.
—Photographed by Wolfram Bleul, E-mail: [email protected]

Here is a hoverfly, also called a flower fly or a syrphid fly; which is part of the insect family Syrphidae and the adults of this group are often seen hovering or nectaring on flowers because they are known to feed primarily on nectar and pollen.

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