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nebula (s), nebulae (pl), nebul. (abbreviation)
1. A cloudlike patch in the sky.
2. A region or cloud of interstellar dust and gas appearing variously as a hazy bright or dark patch.
3. A faint cloudy area or scar on the cornea of the eye.
4. Cloudiness in the urine.
5. Liquid prepared for use in any kind of atomizing sprayer; especially, a nebulizer.
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Even with the unaided eyes, faint hazy patches of light can be seen dotted around the night sky.

Through a telescope these patches are resolved into various kinds of diffuse nebulae, which are clouds of dust and gas that can be sen in the visible part of the spectrum.

Nebulae are classified in three basic types:

  1. Emission nebulae; ultraviolet radiation from nearby bright blue stars excites hydrogen atoms in the gas of an emission nebula.
  2. Dark nebulae; an absorption, or dark, nebula is seen as a dark patch, sometimes surrounded by a halo of light. The light from stars behind the nebula is either absorbed or scattered by the nebular material.
  3. Reflection nebulae; the dust particles in the cloud reflect and scatter the light from stars that are not hot enough to make the nebula itself emit light.
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