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nay; nee, née; neigh
nay (NAY) (noun)
A negative answer or response: When the vote was called, the choice was to shout yea! or nay!

Phillip was determined to vote nay when the question on the ballot came up.

At the meeting, there were six who voted nay and twelve who voted "yea"; so, the measure was passed.

nee, née (NAY) (adjective)
A term of reference to identify a woman's surname name prior to marriage: The announcement in the newspaper verified the woman as Mary Brown, née Mary Smith.
neigh (NAY) (noun)
The vocal sound made by a horse: Aaron heard a happy neigh when he gave his pony an apple.

Mollie heard a distant neigh from her mare in the stable.

Nay, Nay, Nay the horse was heard to neigh: "My rider is Mrs. Smith, née Miss Jones."