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nauseated, nauseous
nauseated (NAW zee ayt'd, NAW zhee ayt'd, NAW see ayt'd, NAW shee ayt'd) (verb)
To have caused someone to feel very upset or to have an upset stomach; having induced a person to feel like vomiting: The stale old bread Brain ate nauseated him so much that he felt weak and queasy.

The tainted meat nauseated Patricia and she felt quite sick.

nauseous (NAW shuhs, NAW zee uhs) (adjective)
Pertaining to something causing severe upset or disgust: When Earl smelled the bilge in the engine room of the ship, it caused a nauseous feeling in his stomach.

When the people saw the way the animals were being treated, it made them feel nauseous.

The fumes nauseated Alisa during the afternoon after having breathed in the nauseous vapors from the factory all day.

nauseous (adjective), more nauseous, most nauseous
A reference to producing the unsettling feeling in the stomach that accompanies the urge to vomit.
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