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native (s) (noun), natives (pl)
1. An individual who was born in a certain place: Lynn is a native of California, but she doesn't live there anymore.
2. A local resident: As a native or inhabitant of Covina, Sally became quite well-known for her artistry.
3. A plant or animal that was born or exists in a certain region: Grace recommended her friend to plant natives in her garden because they would probably survive the best.
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native (adjective), more native, most native
1. Regarding a person whose birth was in a specific place: Virginia was a native Californian because she was born there and grew up there.
2. Pertaining to a plant or animal of an indigenous beginning or growth; home-grown: The black bear and the redwood trees are native to America.
3. Concerning a quality that is inborn to a person; natural-born: Judy was known for her native wit and humor and she was loved by everyone!
4. Referring to a metal in its natural state: Gold normally is found as to be a pure native gold and is usually worth a lot!
This entry is located in the following unit: nasc-, nat- (page 3)
(Latin: a suffix forming adjectives from nouns ending in -ary; a person who, a thing that; a person who is a part of something, pertaining to one's state or condition; a person who has a connection with or belief in the stated subject; a promotor of something; a native or inhabitant of someplace; someone of a certain age)
(Modern Latin: named by Murie Curie for her native Poland; radioactive metal)
(Latin: belonging to a country; born in a country; native to a geographical area)