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national (adjective), more national, most national
1. Concerning a whole country: On certain holidays the national flag was hoisted for the day.
2. Characteristic of one certain country: When Joseph spoke, his national accent was certainly audible.
3. A structure or place, usually a building, that is either owned, fianacially supported, or controlled by a federal government: The city made plans to erect a national art gallery for the public.
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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ANWR
A vast area of land (more than 19 million acres) in northeastern Alaska that is designated by the U.S. as a wildlife sanctuary.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR, is currently a focus of debate between those who argue that the entire area should be maintained as wilderness and those who argue that a portion of it (the Coastal Plain) should be opened to oil and gas explorations and production.

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gross national product (GNP) (s) (noun), gross national products (pl)
The total value of goods and services produced by a nation's economy before the deduction or depreciation charges and other allowances for capital consumption: The gross national product includes the total purchases of goods and services by private consumers and government, gross private domestic capital investment, and net monetary receipts from foreign trading.

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national atlas (s) (noun) national atlases (pl)
A book of maps of a country and which usually contains at least one overview map, individual maps of the major administrative units (states, counties, departments, etc.), and various thematic maps of the entire country, showing populations, land uses, economic activities, etc.: "National atlases often consist of statistical information about the nation in the form of tables and graphs, and they may be published in association with a national mapping agency or government department."
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national electrical code, NEC
A code used for safeguarding people and property from the hazards coming from the use of electricity.

It is used as a guide for governmental bodies whose responsibilities are to regulate building codes.

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National Electrical Manufacturers Association, NEMA
This national organization establishes certain voluntary industry standards relating to electric motors for some non-electronic products; such as, junction boxes.

These standards refer to the operating characteristics, terminology, basic dimensions, ratings, and testing of products that are used in utility, medical imaging, industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential applications.

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NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
A U.S. government agency for space flight and aeronautical research, founded in 1958 by the National Aeronautics and Space Act.

Its headquarters are in Washington, D.C., and its main installation is at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA's early planetary and lunar programs included Pioneer spacecraft from 1958, which gathered data for the later crewed missions, the most famous of which took the first people to the moon in Apollo 11 on July 16-24, 1969.

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National Electrical Code; NEC
Contains guidelines for all types of electrical installations.

The 1984 and later editions of the NEC contain Article 690, "Solar Photovoltaic Systems" which should be followed when installing a PV system.

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National Electrical Manufacturers Association; NEMA
This organization sets standards for some non-electronic products like junction boxes.
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