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myriad (adjective), more myriad, most myriad
1. A large number or very many: Karl was told that the model car he was looking at comes in myriad colors.
2. So many that they cannot be counted: The myriad stars are impossible to count.

The fishermen saw myriad fish in the ocean.

3. Composed of numerous and diverse elements or groups: The politician was amazed by the myriad nationalities of people who were living in the city.
4. Etymology: at the beginning of the 19th century, myriad started its life as an adjective meaning "countless, innumerable", but it was used mostly in poetry or in poetic prose.
A very large indefinite number, innumerable.
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An exceedingly countless amount of something.
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Consisting of or descriptive of a very great, but indefinite number; innumerable. (2)