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circumspect (adjective), more circumspect, most circumspect
1. A reference to being watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent actions: Linda behaved in a circumspect way while she was observing the code of conduct during her first visit at the governor’s house.
2. Relating to a something that is seriously considered: Shirley thought about her future after graduating from college with circumspect deliberations.
3. Marked by attention to all situations and probable consequences; being careful and sensible with professional advice: While figuring out her finances, Yvonne was very circumspect not to make a mistake with her investments.
Cautious, discreet, and concerned about consequences.
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Cautious, careful, and attentive to the situation.
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Relating to being wary and on guard.
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Careful when considering what might happen if the wrong choice is made. (2)