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affluent (AF loo uhnt, uh FLOO uhnt) (adjective), more affluent, most affluent
1. A description of someone who is wealthy, financially well off, or rich: In a truly affluent society, there's more than enough material goods offered for everyone to buy.
2. Prosperous, having sufficient financial means to live comfortably: Monroe was described as an affluent man who had plenty of money, property, and possessions to take care of his desires.
Very wealthy with plenty of money.
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Very wealthy with plenty of money.
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3. In an environmental context, to describe a small river or stream that is a tributary to a larger river: There is an affluent spring near Marita's home that will ultimately flow into the Mississippi River.
4. Etymology: from Latin affluentem, affluens, "flowing toward, abounding, rich, copious"; present participle of affluere, "to flow toward"; from ad-, "to" + fluere, "to flow".

"It's Still Good to be Rich. Uncle Sam wants your money, and the crowd outside the gate wants your head. How to survive the populist revolt against affluence."

—An article title by Daniel Fisher with Steven Bertoni and Devon Pendleton;
in Forbes magazine, "Survivor's Guide for the Affluent" (cover);
May 11, 2009; page 66.

Word History

The metaphor of the tides that we find in the word abundance is also found in affluent. Latin affluere means "to flow to", from ad, "to", and fluere, "to flow".

From its present participle, English borrowed affluent, originally in the literal meaning "to flow toward". Its meaning broadened to "flow freely" or "abundantly". Then a figurative use developed, "flowing with riches, wealthy".

Picturesque Word Origins; G. & C. Merriam Company;
Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A; 1933; page 10.
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A reference to a person who is wealthy, financially well off, or very rich. (2)