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monophobia (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
1. An extreme angst or morbid dread of being left alone or of being in an isolated place: Mildred suffered from monophobia after her husband died and there were no other family members from whom she could get any help or have companionship, especially since she was living up in the mountains with no neighbors.
2. A special fear of just one thing: Manfred had a monophobia about falling down the steps whenever he had to use them, so he always made sure he had a hand on the railing when going up or down the stairway. His monophobia was based on what happened to his uncle when he stumbled down the steps to his basement and broke his neck.

A dread of being left alone.
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A strong dislike of being alone.
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A morbid fear or dread of being alone or in being isolated from other people. (2)