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momentary, momentous
momentary (MOH muhn ter" ee) (adjective)
Very brief, lasting for only a moment; fleeting: Jeremy had a momentary lapse of memory this morning and forgot to change from his house slippers to his street shoes.
momentous (moh MEN tuhs) (adjective)
Of significant or very great importance: It was a momentous occasion when the former football hero came to visit Ryan's school.

In a momentary flash of genius, Keith thought it would be a momentous occasion if the mayor invited the retired astronaut to speak at the unveiling of the new monument in the town square.

momentous (adjective), more momentous, most momentous
A reference to an event, a decision, or a change which is outstanding and very important: Grace told her friends that her college graduation was a momentous day in her life.

James and Erla considered the birth of their baby as even more of a momentous time than their marriage.

Relating to an important decision.
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A reference to being a significant response.
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