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abuse, abuse, misuse, misuse
abuse (uh BYOOZ) (verb)
To commit corrupt practices or activities; to make unfair use: Too many politicians tend to abuse their positions with dishonest practices.
abuse (uh BYOOS) (noun)
Mistreatment, unfair use, improper use: The abuse of public funds is an outrage at anytime and especially so during this economic depression.
misuse (mis YOOZ) (noun)
Improper or incorrect use; misapplication, waste: Writing copies for ads was Vivian's creative talent, although she noticed a misuse of the word "who" in her writing.
misuse (mis YOOS) (verb)
To mistreat or to treat unfairly; to harm or to take advantage of: An arrogant man will generally misuse his friends.

A politician should be careful not to abuse the rights and responsibilities of his or her elected office. Audits of governmental departments often unearth information suggesting that some officials misuse their privileges.

misuse (mis YOOZ)
1. Improper or incorrect use; misapplication, waste: "Writing ad copy was a misuse of her creative talent, although I noticed a misuse of the word who in her writing."
2. To use incorrectly, misapply; pervert, corrupt: "She misuses so many words it seems as if she is faking it."
3. To mistreat or abuse; harm, take advantage of: "An arrogant man generally misuses his friends."
4. To use something for a purpose for which it was not intended: "She’s been accused of misusing company funds to pay for personal expenses."
Experience is what helps you make an old mistake in a new way.
—E.C. McKenzie
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