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miner, minor, minor
miner (MIGH nuhr) (noun)
An individual who digs for precious metals or other underground resources: Greg's neighbor is the fourth generation in his family to be a coal miner.
minor (MIGH nuhr) (adjective)
1. Relatively unimportant: Philip is a minor poet who has published two books during his career.
2. Relating to something which does not involve serious risk to one’s life: Laurel has a minor illness that requires her to stay in bed for just a few days.
minor (MIGH nuhr) (noun)
Someone who has not achieved the age of majority and therefore not yet able to assume civic responsibilities: Janine will be a minor until her next birthday, which is in three months; then, she will be classified as an adult.
minor (MIGH nuhr) (adjective)
In music, referring to the intervals in a musical scale whereby the third and the fifth tones are lowered or flattened, giving the composition a very sad or depressed quality: When listening to the song, which was written in a minor key, Karin became very thoughtful and sad; she like melodies written in major keys better because they gave the songs more pep and vigor.

The company employed a young coal digger who was the first minor miner to be hired in several years.