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mind, mind, mined
mind (MIGHND) (verb)
To pay attention to; to follow orders: Jane commented, "Mind your step as the sidewalk is slippery."

Tom's mother said, "When your teacher tells you to do something, you are expected to mind."

mind (MIGHND) (noun)
1. The human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested in thought, memory, perception, feeling, will, and imagination: It's important to keep the mind active; especially, as people grow older.

Tamika's friend told Nell that she couldn't concentrate because her mind was always wandering and she couldn't keep it focused on anything.

2. A collective or group which reflects public attitudes, etc.: The public mind is not supportive of building the new bridge.
mined (MIGHND) (verb)
1. To have placed explosives in a position so as to destroy or disrupt something: The engineers mined the mountain for iron ore using dynamite.

The road was mined with artillery shells making it dangerous to use.
2. To have dug for valuable metals or ore: The men mined for gold in the abandoned mine in the mountain.

The difference between a railway conductor and a school teacher is that the conductor minds the train and the teacher trains the mind.