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metapsychology (s) (noun), metapsychologies (pl)
1. A systematic attempt to discern and describe what lies beyond the empirical facts and laws of psychology; such as, the relations between body and mind, or concerning the place of the mind in the universe.
2. In psychoanalysis, or psychoanalytic metapsychology, psychology concerning the fundamental assumptions of the freudian theory of the mind, that entail five points of view:
a. Dynamic, concerning psychologic forces.
b. Economic, concerning psychologic energy.
c. Structural, concerning psychologic configurations.
d. Genetic, concerning psychologic origins.
e. Adaptive, concerning psychologic relations with the environment.
3. A name given to speculative inquiry regarding the ultimate nature of the mind and its functions which cannot be studied experimentally.
4. A term applied to theories about the origin, structure, and functions of the mind that extend beyond the empirical laws of psychology.