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merit (s) (noun), merits (pl)
1. A superior quality or worth; excellence; to consider a proposal on its advantages: Shirley had a proposal of some merit; however, she had an ill-advised plan without merit.
2. A quality deserving praise or approval; virtue: Tom thought that the proposal to invest his money had some merits for a closer inspection.
3. A demonstrated ability or achievement: The promotions of the employees were based on merit alone.
4. A good or praiseworthy characteristic that someone or something has.
5. Christianity: Spiritual credit granted for spiritual worthiness achieved by doing good works.
6. In law: a party's strict legal rights, excluding jurisdictional, personal, or technical aspects.
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merit (verb), merits; merited; meriting
1. To deserve, to be entitled to, to be worthy of consideration: Norma's supervisor thought that she merits a raise after her successful negotiations of big profits for her company.
2. To earn or acquire approval or disapproval as a result of a person's behavior: Some people feel the award to the politician wasn't merited.
3. Etymology: from Latin merere, "to deserve".
To earn praise for a good performance.
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This entry is located in the following unit: merit-, meri-, mere- (page 1)