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memorandum (s) (noun); memoranda, memorandums (pl)
1. A written statement containing significant information about a particular topic that is passed between officials of an organization: It seems that President Trump sends out one memorandum after another during his administration and even before he became President of the U.S.
2. Usage information: Since memorandum is a Latin singular, the normal plural would be memoranda; however, the modern usage is also memorandums and it is also considered to be acceptable.

In other words, there is no problem to say or to write either "The executive of Ben's company wrote three memorada" or "The executive of Ben's company wrote three memoradums."

— Compiled from information located in Family Word Finder, The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.; Pleasantville, New York; 1973; page 506.
A short message to communicate an action to be done.
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