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maybe, may be
maybe (MAY bee) (adverb)
1. Conceivably, possibly, perhaps: The weatherman doesn't know for sure, but maybe it will rain tonight.
2. An expression indicating uncertainty: Maybe Victor is being too optimistic, but he really thinks he can get this project completed.
3. Used to give a response that is neither yes nor no: Jane asked, "So, do you want to come with us or not?" And Jack answered, "Well, maybe."
4. Used to introduce advice or suggestions: Larry said, "Maybe you should ask Latonya what she means before you jump to conclusions."
5. Indicates an approximate estimation; such as, of frequency or a number: The forests in this region are no more than 60, maybe 70, years old.
may be (may" BEE) (verb)
A verbal phrase used to express the possibility of something: Stanley's answer may be correct, after all.

Eugenia may be wrong, but she thinks the store is closed by now.

It may be that the weather report is right and maybe there will actually be sunshine tomorrow.