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1. Someone who has control over another or others.
2. The owner, or keeper, of an animal, or in the past, the owner of a slave (or slaves).
3. Anyone who has control over, or ownership, of something; such as, the master of a big cotton plantation.
4. The captain of a merchant ship; also, called a "master mariner".
5. The man who serves as the head of a household.
6. Someone who defeats another; a victor.
7. A male teacher, schoolmaster, or tutor.
8. An artist or performer of great and exemplary skill.
9. A worker qualified to teach apprentices and carry on a skill, or craft, on their own.
10. An expert; such as, a master of three languages.
11. An original; such as, an original document or audio recording, from which copies can be made.
12. Etymology: from Old English mægester, "someone having control or authority"; from Latin magister, "chief, head, director, teacher"; influenced in Middle English by Old French maistre; from Latin magister, from magis, "more", from magnus, "great".
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(Latin: master, leader; he/she who brings about [something])
(Greek > Latin: house, home; master or lord of the house)
(Latin: magister, chief, head, leader; from Latin magnus, "great")
(a poem by Lorrie Cline)
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eye domanance, dominant eye, master eye
1. The almost universal situation in which one eye is unconsciously relied on and used more than the other eye or which is customarily used for monocular tasks.
2. The eye to which a person unconsciously gives preference as a source of stimuli for visual sensations.

The dominant eye is usually used in sighting down a gun or looking through a monocular microscope or a telescope.

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Poem: I Met the Master Face to Face by Lorrie Cline
Going from a worldly life to a spiritual awakening with a vision of meeting God.
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