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mark, mark, marque
mark (MAHRK) (noun)
1. A victim or recipient of ridicule or bullying: The angry students thought the new student would be an easy mark for teasing.
2. A distinguishing impression or trait of something: When Albert completed his university education, he had the mark of a gentleman and a scholar.
3. A prominent or well-known object or guidepost for travelers: The tall building on the corner was the mark Lenora was looking for because she wanted to turn left at that point.
4. A label or indication of quality or price: The mark on this jacket indicated that it was on sale.
5. When capitalized, it is a man's name: Marissa's friend, Mark, is going to drive the car tonight when they go out.
mark (MAHRK) (verb)
1. To highlight or to make note of something: Keith will mark the date in his calendar when he plans to go out for dinner with his friends.
2. To determine the value of something: The teacher decided to mark all the students' essays on the weekend.
marque (MAHRK) (noun)
A product brand: The company made exceptionally good quality marque of saddles for the equestrian school.

Jason's friend, Mark, who was usually an easy mark for teasing, decided to check out the mark on the new laptop before buying it; however, he decided on a laptop which had a well-known marque.