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liar, lyre
liar (LIGH uhr) (noun)
An individual who makes statements which are untrue and not based on fact: Jesse was such a frequent liar that no one would believe him even when he was being honest.
lyre (LIGHR) (noun)
A stringed instrument of the harp family having two curved arms connected at the upper end by a crossbar, used to accompany a singer or reciter of poetry, especially in ancient Greece: The frieze around the very old temple depicted many performers each of whom was playing a lyre.

Estella was no liar when she said she was an expert performer on the lyre because she was a fantastic performer!

Norman was wondering if the stringed musical instrument was a liar (lacking in veracity), because it was called a lyre.

A liar is a person who, when he dies, lies still.

—Evan Esar
(Greek: khorde, "gut string" [of a lyre]; used in an extended sense to mean "sinew, flexible rod-shaped organ, string, cord"; Latin: chorda, "related notes in music, string of a musical instrument, cat-gut" via Old French, corde, "rope, string, twist, cord")
(Greek plektron > Latin plectrum: thing to strike with; such as, a pick for a lyre, a zither, a guitar, an autoharp, etc.)