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(Greek: water, yellowish fluid; connected with, or containing, lymph, a transparent fluid that is derived from body tissue and conveyed to the bloodstream by the lymphatic vessels)
(Greek: spleen, "the inward parts;" the elongated accessory lymphatic organ of the vascular [blood] system)
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lymphatic system (s), lymphatic systems (pl) (nouns)
The lymphatic components are the lymph, lymphatic vessels, and lymph nodes; all of which remove and transport waste products from the fluid between the cells, destroy harmful substances; such as, pathogens and cancer cells in the lymph nodes; and in addition, they return the filtered lymph to the bloodstream where it becomes plasma again.

The following elements of the lymphatic and the immune systems function together to protect and to maintain the health of the body.

  • The lymph is the fluid that removes cellular wastes, pathogens, and dead blood cells from the tissues.
  • Lymphatic vessels and ducts return lymph from the tissue to the circulatory system.
  • Lymph nodes filter pathogens and harmful substances from the lymph.
  • Tonsils and adenoids protect the entry into the respiratory system.
  • The spleen filters foreign materials from the blood, maintains the appropriate balance betwwen cells and plasma in the blood, and destroys worn-out blood cells, releases hemoglobin, acts as a blood reservoir, and stores platelets.
  • Bone marrow produces blood cells.
  • Lymphocytes are the specialized white blood cells which play an important role in immune reactions.
  • The thymus secretes the endocrine thymosin that aids in the maturation of T lymphocytes which are used by the immune system.
  • The immune system defends the body against harmful substances; such as, pathogenic micro-organisms, allergens, toxins, and bad or dangerous cells.
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