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1. A thin coagulable fluid, similar to plasma, but containing white blood cells (lymphocytes) and chyle.

It is conveyed to the blood stream by lymphatic vessels and it can transport bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells.

2. The almost colorless fluid that bathes body tissues and is found in the lymphatic vessels that drain the tissues of the fluid that filters across the blood vessel walls from blood.

Lymph carries lymphocytes that have entered the lymph nodes from the blood.

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(Greek: water, yellowish fluid; connected with, or containing, lymph, a transparent fluid that is derived from body tissue and conveyed to the bloodstream by the lymphatic vessels)
(Latin: a vessel or vessels; including, tubes, ducts, or canals that convey and circulate fluids; such as, blood, lymph, or sap, through the bodies of animals or plants)
(Greek (khylos) > Latin (chylus): juice, to pour; pertaining to chyle, the milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fat that is a product of the digestive process)
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right lumbar lymph nodes
The chain of lymph nodes associated with the inferior vena cava; it is divided into three groups: nodi lymphatici cavales laterales on the right of the inferior vena cava; nodi lymphatici precavales, in front of the inferior vena cava; nodi lymphatici postcavales, under nodus lymphaticus, behind the inferior vena cava.

The inferior vena cava are the large venous trunk which receives blood from the lower extremities and from the pelvic and abdominal organs. It travels through the abdomen (from the lower extremities) and returns blood to the right atrium, a thin-walled chamber of the heart which pumps blood into the right ventricle, of the heart.

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