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lie, lie, lye
lie (LIGH) (noun)
A deceptive or misleading statement, typically spoken on purpose: Marissa told a terrible lie which caused a lot of problems for her sister.
lie (LIGH) (verb)
1. To state something that is false and not based on fact: Allen promised to lie about where Jim's friend was last night.
2. To rest in a recumbent and horizontal position: Lenora decided to lie on the sofa for a few minutes to repose after her busy afternoon.
lye (LIGH) (noun)
The liquid obtained by leaching wood ashes: In the Pioneer Museum, the staff demonstrated how to use lye to make soap.

It would be a lie if Bonita told Trina that she made the lye at home when she actually bought it at the store so she could lie on the sofa sooner.