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luxuriant, luxurious
luxuriant (lug ZHOOR ee uhnt, luk SHOOR uhnt) (adjective)
Fertile, abundant: There was a luxuriant crop of clover in the fields.
luxurious (lug ZHOOR ee uhs, luk SHOOR ee uhs) (adjective)
Exceedingly costly or self-indulgent: There appeared to be very thick and luxurious rugs on the floor of the palace.

Sabina feels very luxurious whenever she goes to the spa.

Whenever Mark went to the luxurious spa, he noticed the luxuriant growth of tropical flowers in the garden.

luxurious (luhg ZHOOR ee uhs, luhk SHOOR ee uhs) (adjective), more luxurious, most luxurious
1. Characteristic of being very comfortable, expensive, and richly appealing: Gordon purchased a luxurious apartment to live in after his retirement.
2. A reference to feeling or showing a desire for expensive things: Jerome and Sally went to a store that appeals to the luxurious tastes of the rich.
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