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Lux fiat.
Light, let there be.

In the book of Genesis, chapter one, verse three, it states 'Then God said, "Let there be light, and there was light." ' The same verse, taken from the Vulgate, Saint Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible, states: Dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux. In Latin, the phrase "let there be light", translates into Fiat Lux.

According to Webster's dictionary, Fiat Lux means exactly: "Let there be light." So study the Albion College seal. What do you notice? The question that may come into your head is, "What Bible were the founders of Albion College reading?"

Instead of the commonly used Fiat Lux, Albion College has oddly chosen the motto, Lux Fiat. Roughly, Lux Fiat means, "Light, let there be."

Either Albion likes doing things differently or the developers of Albion College's emblem made a big blunder.

Frank Frick, professor of religious studies, said he had tried to learn the history behind the backwards motto, but found nothing even with the aid of the college archivist. Frick stated that in his studies he has never come across an instance where Lux Fiat was substituted for Fiat Lux.