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luster (s) (noun), lusters (pl)
1. A soft sheen of reflected light, especially from metal that has been polished gently: The silver box had a fine luster after the housewife polished it.
2. A bright and shiny condition or tone: The luster of the beautiful fabric of the woman's dress enhanced the beauty of her jewels.
3. The glory and magnificence of a great achievement: Sarah B. was not one to bask in the luster of her outstanding career, but she always worked hard with her performances on stage.
4. A chandelier or candelabrum made of cut glass, designed to reflect the light: The exquisite luster presented by the glowing glass of the lucid fixture hanging from the ceiling of the dining room was fantastically beautiful.
5. The quality and amount of effulgence reflected from the surface of a mineral: Measuring luster is one of the ways in which a mineral is defined; the highest degree of luster being "splendent".
6. Brilliancy and brightness: The luster of the holiday lanterns were very impressive and enjoyable.
A brilliance of beauty.
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(Greek: light, splendor, luster, sunlight, daylight)
(Greek > Latin: yellow orpiment [pigment of gold]; arsenic trisulfide, having a lemon-yellow color and a resinous luster; used as a pigment)
(Latin: not transparent nor translucent, not clear, unable to shine through; shaded, shady; dark; no luster; not clearly understood or expressed)
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vitreous luster (s) (noun), vitreous lusters (pl)
A shiny appearance that resembles glass: The tiles on the wall were manufactured in order to have a vitreous luster which made the kitchen look bright and sparkling.
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