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lascivious, licentious, lust, lust
lascivious (luh SIV ee uhs) (adjective)
Wanton, lewd, salacious: In the film, Marissa played a character who was described as a lascivious dancer in a night club.
licentious (ligh SEN shuhs) (adjective)
Characteristic of behavior that is considered immoral, illegal, and disregarding rules of a typical society; often with a sexual connotation: The politician was brought before the courts on charges relating to his licentious conduct.
lust (LUHST) (verb)
To desire something very much in a strong way: Some investors lust so much for money that they completely ignore the potential for losses.
lust (LUHST) (noun)
Intense longing or sexual desire: The novel described the lust of the villain for the beautiful and innocent young woman.

The lust of the antagonist in the dime novel knew no bounds, frequently demonstrating a licentious disregard for morality and engaging in lascivious behavior.

(Latin: light up, shine)
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lust (s) (noun), lusts (pl)
1. An overwhelming desire or craving for more than what one already has: The dictator had a lust to extend his power and the control of his country.
2. An intense eagerness or enthusiasm for something: Emily had a lust for a full and richer life.
3. Etymology: once it was a harmless term which meant pleasure or delight. It is traced back to a Germanic word that meant to long for.

Longings often go in one direction and centuries ago, lust started to refer to sinful and sensual appetites, or to low animal passions, and it is this meaning of the word that has survived over time.

lust (verb), lusts, lusted, lusting
To have a very strong desire to obtain or to achieve something: Quentin has been lusting for a particular job for a long time.

The old miser is still lusting after money.

Lorie has been lusting to be a movie star.

Is the word lust a vulgar or dirty term to use?

Although lust may not be considered a dirty word, it has strong connotations. People don't have a lust for something they don't care about, but they do lust for things that they strongly desire.

In other words, lust is a strong, powerful desire, whether it's a noun or a verb, because people lust for things they deeply crave or want; for example, many people have greedy lusts for a lot of money.

People need to remember that humans lust for all kinds of things; such as, food, alcohol, drugs, health, comfort, entertainment, success, abundance, recognition, security, attention, a high-paying job, and so many other things!

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lustr-, lust-
Latin: light up, shine; in this unit.