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lung, lunge
lung (LUNG) (noun)
A respiratory organ of vertebrates, often occurring in pairs: The doctor listened to Ingrid's lung in an effort to detect any infection that might exist.
lunge (LUNJ) (verb)
1. To make a sudden forward reach or jab accompanied by a leaning or stepping forward: Martin's fencing instructor showed him how to lunge with his sword or foil.

The people standing on the bridge could see the crocodile lunge, or plunge, at its prey.

2. To move forward suddenly: Phillip made a desperate lunge to catch the ball.

To monitor the health of Janine's lung, which had a touch of pneumonia, the doctor listened to it before and after he had her lunge forward and backward several times.

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(Greek > Latin > French: a rounded projection, especially a rounded projecting anatomical part; such as, lobe of the ear, lobe of the liver, lobe of the lung; seed, pod)
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anthracosis; miner's lung, black lung disease, coal worker's pneumoconiosis, miner's pneumoconiosis
1. A disease of the lungs caused by the long-term inhalation of coal dust.
2. A chronic lung disease characterized by the deposit of coal dust, smoke, and carbon in the lungs and by the formation of black nodules on the bronchioles.
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book lung
A terrestrial respiratory organ characteristic of arachnids; such as, scorpions and primitive spiders.

Each book lung consists of hollow flat plates and air goes over the outer surface of the plates and bodily fluid circulates within them, facilitating the exchange of gases.

In most species, adequate gas exchange occurs without any muscular movement to ventilate the lungs.

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