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lunatic (s) (noun), lunatics (pl)
1. Someone who is affected with the kind of insanity that is supposed to have recurring periods that are dependent on the changes of the moon: In modern use, a lunatic is synonymous with insanity; current in popular and legal language, but not now employed technically by physicians.

2. Madly foolish, frantic, idiotic, mad: It is thought that some lunatics are affected by the cycles of the moon; that is, that they are moonstruck.
4. A person of unsound mind; a madman or a crackpot.
Extremely or senselessly foolish.
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5. Etymology: "affected with periodic insanity, dependent on the changes of the moon", from Old French lunatique, "insane"; from Latin lunaticus, "moon-struck", from luna, "moon".
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