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(Latin: knot, knob; lump)
(Greek: clot, lump; aggregation of blood factors)
(Latin: swelling, node, lump, mass)
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lump (adjective) (not comparative)
A reference to something that is in a single unit: The couple decided to make a lump payment for the new furniture.
lump (s) (noun), lumps (pl)
1. A solid piece of something; such as, a solid clump of soil: The gardener was busy breaking up the large lumps of dirt before planting his new vegetable garden.
2. An abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement on the body: Jane asked, "William, how did you get that lump on your head?"
lump (verb), lumps; lumped; lumping
To put things or people into the same group or area, even if they don't belong together: When you listen to talk-show hosts, the rightists lump all of the leftists together and the leftists lump all of the conservatives together.