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luminous (adjective), more luminous, most luminous
1. Full of effulgence; describing the emission of visible radiation: The night sky was the most luminous Jeff had seen during his vacation, simply glittering with starlight.

Max has a watch with a luminous face which can be seen when it is dark.

2. Emitting or reflecting lucency, with or without accompanying heat: The most luminous life in the sea tends to dazzle an eerie green under the night sky.
3. Immensely bright or brightly colored: The luminous illustration in the hand-printed text drew the reader's attention to the fine designs and complimentary colors.
4. Evaluated on the basis of the visual sensation produced in an observer rather than energy measurements: Sarah gave a luminous performance of the role as Marie in the first play of the summer season.
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luminous efficiency (s) (noun), luminous efficiencies (pl)
The ratio of the radiant energy sensed by the average human eye at a particular wavelength to that received: The ophthalmologist, Dr. McMahon, was requested to determine the luminous efficiency of his patient, Mr. Jones, who appeared to have difficulty perceiving particular colors.
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luminous flux (s) (noun) (usually not plural)
The rate of flow of radiant energy, expressed by brightness that is emitted in a unit of solid angles by a uniform point source with intensities of one candela or the base unit of beaming intensity or the power emitted by a source of illumination: Dr. Young and the scientists measured the luminous flux using the latest equipment designed to indicate in lumen the rate or speed of light transmission.