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lumbar, lumber, lumber, lumber
lumbar (LUM buhr, lum BAHR) (adjective)
Relating to the area between the thoracic vertebrae and the region of the sacrum or pelvis: When he fell, Tom injured the lumbar part of his back and was in considerable pain.
lumber (LUM buhr) (verb)
To move heavily often as a result of carrying great weight: The immense size and bulk of the luggage caused the porter to lumber across the station platform.
lumber (LUM buhr) (noun)
Logs or lengths of timber that are cut specifically to be used for construction: Jesse bought extra lumber because he was building a wooden fence around his property in the back.
lumber (LUM buhr) (adjective)
Descriptive of the store or location which sells prepared wood products: Leonard went to the lumber yard to buy the planks that he needed to build a shed in his backyard.

When he tried to lift a heavy load of lumber, he pulled a muscle in the lumbar area of his back and so he had to go for physiotherapy.