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lugubrious (adjective), more lugubrious, most lugubrious
A reference to being very sad or overly mournful: Jim's dog was outside last night making lugubrious howls until he was allowed to come back into the house.
Conveying an expression of grief or sorrow.
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An indication of great sadness.
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Pertaining to excessive grief.
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Relating to an exaggerated or ridiculous apology.
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lugubrious, salubrious
lugubrious (loo GOO bree uhs, loo GYOO bree uhs) (adjective)
Descriptive of mournful or exaggerated sadness: Danny wore lugubrious mourning clothing although he didn't really feel sad about his uncle's death.
salubrious (suh LOO bree uhs) (adjective)
Concerning good health or well-being: The mountain air is considered salubrious, or pleasant and comfortable.

Wearing heavy lugubrious clothing on a hot day is not salubrious for one's life.