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lore, lower, lower
lore (LOHR) (noun)
1. Traditional knowledge learned through study or experience: For her dissertation, Zelda studied and wrote about the lore of the sailors on the whaling ships.
2. The small distance between the eyes of a bird and the bill or similarly in reptiles or fish: The scientist developed specialized instruments to measure the lore of the parrot in comparison to the lore of snakes.
lower (LOHR) (verb)
1. To look gloomy or threatening: Dan's face appeared to lower after reading the news in the paper.
2. To let down; to reduce in height: It is time to lower the flag, not to raise it!
lower (LOHR) (adjective)
1. Representing the typically larger and more representative section in a bicameral legislature: Fern was proud to be elected to the lower house of government as she thought she would be more effective there.
2. A comparative description of rank, order, or physical location that is under or below something or someone else: Jillian's chair is lower than the others because she is short and her feet would not touch the floor otherwise.

The lore of the lower river valley was rich and varied.