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loom, loom; loon, loon; lune, lune
loom (LOOM) (verb)
1. To appear in a large, strange, or frightening form often in a sudden way: The ship was seen to loom up out of the fog.
2. To appear in an impressively large or great form: The magnificent mountains loom above the little valley below.
3. To happen soon: A workers' strike is about to loom, since a raise in wages for the workers has been turned down again.
4. To have great importance or influence: Rising tuition costs loom large in the minds of many parents and those students who want to go to colleges or universities.
loom (LOOM) (noun)
A frame or machine that is used to weave threads or yarns to produce cloth: Mary's grandmother often used a loom to make cloth for her family's wearing apparel.

Before Toyota started to manufacture automobiles, the company developed, and used, an automatic loom invented by Sakichi Toyoda, founder of the Toyota Group.

The automatic loom was a machine that could spin thread for cloth and it weaved textiles automatically. In those early days, back-strap looms, ground looms, and high-warp looms were used to manually weave cloth.

In 1896, Sakichi Toyoda invented Japan's first self-powered loom called the "Toyoda Power Loom". Later, he incorporated numerous revolutionary inventions into his looms, including the weft-breakage automatic stopping device, which automatically stopped the loom when a thread breakage was detected, the warp supply device, and the automatic shuttle changer.

Since the loom stopped when a problem arose, no defective products were produced. This meant that a single operator could be put in charge of numerous looms, resulting in a tremendous improvement in productivity.

—Compiled from excerpts seen on the website of
Toyota Motor Corporation Global Website.
loon (LOON) (noun)
A crazy person: Some people say that Russell is a complete loon, being such a foolish and silly boy.
loon (LOON) (noun)
A large bird that lives in the northern parts of the world and which eats fish and has a loud and distinctive cry: When Estella was on the coast, she could hear one loon after another making their screeching sounds.
lune (LOON) (noun)
1. In geometry, a figure resembling a crescent, formed on a plane or sphere by two arcs of circles: In his math class, Todd drew a lune so he could explain what it was.
2. Anything shaped like a crescent: There are examples of figures that are lune in shape, for example, a half-moon!
lune (LOON) (noun)
In hawking, a leash for hawks: Victor had a lune attached to his bird of prey as he carried it out to the field for training.

Trish spent the day working on her loom and was so tired that she walked to the window where she could see a loon swimming in the lake. As she watched, a man with a hawk on a lune strolled along the beach. Trish thought that the man must be a complete loon to be walking in such a strong wind.