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loam, loan, lone
loam (LOHM) (noun)
1. A composition for plastering that is made primarily of wet clay: The workers mixed an excellent loam for daubing or coating the interior of the African cottage.
2. Soil which is a mixture of clay, sand, and silt: The gardener was happy with the new loam for the flower beds.
loan (LOHN) (noun)
The temporary use of something; for example, property or money for a set period of time and for a set fee which must be repaid within a specific time frame: Sam agreed to the bank’s terms for the loan so he could complete his education.
lone (LOHN) (adjective)
Solitary, without any company: Brittany was the lone student who had enrolled in the reading course.

The lone farmer went to the bank to ask for a loan so he could purchase some loam for his flower beds and field crops.