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logical (adjective), more logical, most logical
1. Relating to or of the nature of reasoning: As a student, Timothy learned to think sensibly and to come to a logical conclusion that was based on facts instead of emotional feelings.
2. A reference to that which is consistent with the points of rationalization: Dr. Cliff's presentation made it easier for her students to come to a logical conclusion regarding the results of the research.
3. Characterized by clear argumentation: George wrote a logical report regarding the project he and his colleagues were working on.

In order to keep one's car running well, a logical decision must be made to have it serviced by reliable mechanics.

Logical is believing that you owe the doctor nothing when he finds nothing wrong with you.

—Evan Esar
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(Greek: talk, speak; speech; word; a person who speaks in a certain manner; someone who deals with topics or subjects)
(logical fallacy; misrelations between the follow-up and the follow-through or nonsense of non sequence)
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logical constant (s), logical constants (pl) (nouns)
Connective expressions: "Logical constants include such elements as not, or, if and only if that are used in formal logic."
logical error (s) (noun), logical errors (pl)
Faults in a computer-program design; such as, in the order of instructions: Logical errors may cause a program to respond incorrectly to the user's requests or to crash completely.
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logical positivism, logical empircism (s) (noun)
A movement in philosophy that is devoted to unifying the sciences: Logical positivism primarily involves the creation of a unified terminology in which the statements of any science can be expressed and comprehended.
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