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logic (s) (noun), logics (pl)
1. A standard form of knowledge that investigates the principles of valid reasoning and correct inferences: Logic may consist of either a general to a particular form (deductive logic); or from a particular to a general form (inductive logic).
2. Basic principles of reasoning developed by and which are applicable to any field of knowledge: The researchers, Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith, followed the standards set up by the logic of their scientific administers.
3. An effective or convincing force: The logic of Sandra's arguments could not be reasonably challenged.
4. A system of thought or ideas that govern conduct, belief, behavior, etc.: There are currently protestors who are against what they consider to be the logic of some businesses.
5. A system or set of principles that are the basics in a computer or electronic device that perform specified tasks: Chris, the programmer, utilized certain logics so the computer would automatically function to accomplish specific results.

Logic is also used to describe the science that deals with the creation of computer circuits.

6. The non-arithmetical operations in a computer; such as, comparing, selecting, matching, and sorting, where binary or yes-or-no decisions are involved: Data processing usually means the handling of information by arithmetic rules; however in more complex machines, there is the performance of logic operations of "and", "not", and "or".

Logic is any process of reasoning that shows you are right.

—Evan Esar

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.

—Dale Carnegie

Politeness is better than logic. You can often persuade when you cannot convince.

—Henry Wheeler Shaw
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(Greek > Latin: the art of speaking and reasoning)
(Greek: talk, speak; speech; word; a person who speaks in a certain manner; someone who deals with topics or subjects)
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deontic logic
The field of logic that is concerned with obligation, permission, and related concepts.
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electronically programmable logic device, ELPD
A field programmable logic device with transistor rather than fuse links for controlling the signal paths in its fixed array of logic blocks and connections.
hard-wired logic (s) (noun), hard-wired logics (pl)
A group of electronic circuits whose function is determined by the types of inter-connectivity among the circuits: In contrast to the hard-wired logic functions of the larger computer circuits, a microcomputer is determined by the program that is installed.
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logic gate (s) (noun), logic gates (pl)
A device which is usually an electrical circuit that performs one or more specific operations on one or more input signals: The logic gates are the building blocks of digital technology including solid-state semiconductor devices that perform arithmetic/logic operations.
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A system of reasoning for reaching valid conclusions about concepts, and for assessing the validity of a conclusion that has been reached.
1. The study of reasoning; in Hegel, the study of the origin and natural sequence of fundamental ideas.
2. The branch of philosophy dealing with the principles of reasoning.

Classical logic, as taught in ancient Greece and Rome, systematized rules for deduction.

The modern scientific and philosophical logic of deduction has become closely allied to mathematics; especially, in showing how the foundations of mathematics are incorporated in logic.

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Greek > Latin: the art of speaking and reasoning; in this unit.
(using logic or "reasoning skills")
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Fact and Logic

A fun way to see if you are paying attention. This activity consists of simple questions with tricky answers and may be found by going to verb forms Quiz.

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